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Removing barriers to growth

Big Infrastructure

Without the Overheads

Each year we select 3-5 successful Seed or Series A businesses to join the G33K Group Incubator program.

In Exchange for a minority shareholding we provide mentoring, guidance and growth focused services to the tune of £100k per annum for up to 3 years.

Could your business benefit from:

£50k marketing services per annum
£25k development services per annum
£12.5k strategic Consultancy services per annum
£12.5k direct resource – as a service per annum

We then connect you with funding and investment options to facilitate further scaling.

Detailed Growth Plan

And Monitoring

We provide non-executive directorship and support for each incubator business.

Your non-exec will work with you to define commercial objectives, revenue growth targets and business KPIs.

Once a plan is agreed we will set up the appropriate framework to monitor and communicate performance against commercial targets and KPIs to all stakeholders on a regular basis.

We will attend monthly/quarterly board meetings to assess performance, evaluate strategy, address priorities and agree actions.

This process will introduce formality and discipline and experience to your business.

Stay on top of your

Finance and Compliance

We will offer you FD-level guidance on the appropriate company structure, shareholding arrangements, finance models, funding options and other early stage structural aspects. It is vital these elements are set up to support the business in the right way from day one.

Our group structure also offers the several economies of scale on the finance side through the consolidation of administrative functions at group level, such as finance, compliance, call answering and day to day administration.

We provide access to a variety of in-house resources and functions on a free (or at cost) basis. Our resource framework will save your business a small fortune in the early years.

Some of our Incubator companies


Examagram is a revolutionary language testing service designed to assist recruiters and employers alike in assessing a candidate's English skills in a timely and accurate manner.


TellJO's mission is to help the 25M people in the UK susceptible to vulnerability. TellJO's TrustTech platform acts as an intermediary between business and their vulnerable customers.


Pitch121 is a social selling service. We nurture your future clients, as you, at scale, growing your network and starting conversations that convert. Through thorough targeting, we make sure every single conversation is with your potential ideal client.


Ethersweep is the fastest, most convenient way to scan Ethereum wallets and convert ERC-20 tokens to ETH. Our platform offers a rapid and convenient, one click, zero fee solution.


Hopper is a marketing, sales, and communications video platform that can send highly personalised videos to tens of thousands of recipients – either via our email system or connected to your own CRM tool.


Sales Agents UK provide an online space for sales agents to engage, develop, and learn of new opportunities, whilst giving companies’ access to sales agents though advertising.


Founders Hub - a very exciting internal project we've been working on for a while now. Stay tuned to find out more very soon..


Advoc8s - Advoc8s is your go to affiliate network allowing advertisers to build and army of partners to grow their network, as well as allowing Affiliates to select industry-leading companies across multiple sectors to create profitable partnerships.


The smarter way to find business finance. Tell Financer what your business needs and they'll instantly poll banks, alternative providers and independents to find the best match for you in just minutes.


Business Rescuers - Business Rescuers helps businesses with and immediate consultation when facing financial difficulties. Whether that's cash flow crisis, tax areas, creditor pressure etc, Business Rescuers finds the best solution for your company


GDPR Local - GDPR Local is a data protection company providing GDPR compliant services to a range of companies in the EU and globally.