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Removing barriers to growth

Big Infrastructure

Without the Overheads

Each year we select 3-5 successful Seed or Series A businesses to join the G33K Group Incubator program.

In Exchange for a minority shareholding we provide mentoring, guidance and growth focused services to the tune of £100k per annum for up to 3 years.

Could your business benefit from:

  • £50k marketing services per annum
  • £25k development services per annum
  • £12.5k strategic Consultancy services per annum
  • £12.5k direct resource – as a service per annum

We then connect you with funding and investment options to facilitate further scaling.

Detailed Growth Plan

And Monitoring

We provide non-executive directorship and support for each incubator business.

Your non-exec will work with you to define commercial objectives, revenue growth targets and business KPIs.

Once a plan is agreed we will set up the appropriate framework to monitor and communicate performance against commercial targets and KPIs to all stakeholders on a regular basis.

We will attend monthly/quarterly board meetings to assess performance, evaluate strategy, address priorities and agree actions.

This process will introduce formality and discipline and experience to your business.

Stay on top of your

Finance and Compliance

We will offer you FD-level guidance on the appropriate company structure, shareholding arrangements, finance models, funding options and other early stage structural aspects. It is vital these elements are set up to support the business in the right way from day one.

Our group structure also offers the several economies of scale on the finance side through the consolidation of administrative functions at group level, such as finance, compliance, call answering and day to day administration.

We provide access to a variety of in-house resources and functions on a free (or at cost) basis. Our resource framework will save your business a small fortune in the early years.

Some of our Incubator companies

Get It Gone

The UKs fastest growing trade-to-trade vehicle distribution platform.

Get it Gone has developed an innovative and technology led approach to disrupting the part-exchange, ‘dealer to auction’ model by connecting UK automotive dealers with network of demand side dealers and professional buyers.

Get it Gone operates profitably today and has not required investment capital to date. Trade volumes are growing 50% month on month (Mar 2017).

Get in Touch

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +44 (0)1444 620 630



Based in Malaysia, Examagram operates as Asia’s leading online language testing and e-certification platform.

Employers and recruitment agencies use the innovative language examination platform to reliably test and certify candidates written English skills using a free and web accessible testing portal.
Candidates use the platform to self-certify and evidence language capabilities using a the well-known and trusted Examagram brand.

Examagram operates profitably today and has not required investment funding to date.

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Minglur is a Brighton based technology firm providing reward based business conference calling services to the UK market. Organisers of conference calls collect points based on conference call durations. Points can then be redeemed for a range of rewards including experiences, gadgets, electronics and restaurant vouchers.

Minglur operates profitably today and has not required investment funding to date.

Get in Touch

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +44 (0)8445 71 91 71




TellJO dramatically reduce Financial Exclusion and payment arrears in the UK, whilst at the same time building mental and financial resilience within hard to reach groups. We want to be relentless in helping to solve the underlying issues that lead to payment arrears such as poor mental health, low financial capability and poor affordability.

On the frontline we have tested the hypothesis that the reason people get into arrears is not intentional, but due to solvable underlying reasons. By fixing the arrears crisis, we will also reduce the stress and anxiety that goes with living in unmanageable debt.


Creating your long-term relationships

Pitch 121 gets you in front of the right prospect at the right time keeping your sales pipeline consistent with high-value opportunities


Ethersweep is a hot new blockchain startup currently in stealth mode.

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