Hopper Video joins the G33K Group Incubator programme

As a sales and marketing incubator group that prides itself on attracting and growing technology businesses with a B2B customer focus, we’re delighted to announce that Hopper Video joins as the 11th member of the group. For some time, we have been looking for a tech platform that could add


Is your startup investable?

Let’s think of securing your initial investment as being the world’s most gruelling hurdle race. (Pretty good job you’ve named your company Edwin Moses Ltd., isn’t it?) Each one of the stages of securing investment is a hurdle – and this is a race in which more than half the
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From Seed to Glory: Investment rounds for start-ups explained

How should you position your business for the successive rounds of funding – and what are investors actually looking for in their negotiations with you? Let’s take a look at some of the most common investment rounds for the start-up sector, summarise their function and explain the sorts of businesses that investors

Looking to raise? Why angel investment and tech startups can be a match made in heaven

There’s no such thing as a typical angel investor. Which is good news, because there’s no such thing as a typical tech startup, either. But some of the characteristics of tech startups make them particularly suited to angel investment as they struggle to prove their concept and reach their market.

No BS guide to Setting up a Company – the right way

First and foremost let’s cut the crap. Having gone through this process more times than I can remember, the online guides will walk you through the 8 key steps to set up your business. Usually a pretty soulless and unhelpful regurgitation of the registration process. Here they are… Choose a company name.