Motorway Acquires G33K Incubator startup Get It Gone

Last week was an awesome one at G33K.

18 months ago we set up the G33K incubator to work with founders that have a passion about their industry and company. Our goal was to help accelerate early stage growth by deploying our tried and tested approaches to sales, finance, operations and tech, allowing the founders to focus on this passion – to focus on being a geek about their specialist domain (see what we did there?).

Whilst these first stages of growth are frantic and exciting, they are a means to an end, and the real measure of success (or otherwise) is when a company outgrows us. Either by achieving a size and scale or level of investment that propels them to the next level of expansion, or by achieving the end goal of a sale.

Last week we were hugely excited to announce that Get It Gone has just become the first graduate of the G33K incubator, having officially been acquired in full by leading online car comparison site Motorway. In a very short space of time Get It Gone had grown into a successful, profitable business that will now continue within the Motorway group, with Managing Director Kev Rowe joining the leadership team at Motorway.

Applications for the next cohort are now open – if you are interested in taking your business to the next level drop us a line.