We deliver outstanding services through
a group of strategically complementary businesses

Our Group of Companies

Each of the core group companies within g33k are carefully selected and excel at what they do. Keeping a narrow focus maximises results, and allows a real drive for efficiency.


G33K provides growth focused strategic consulting services to the unicorns of tomorrow.

We operate a proven framework to support early stage businesses through inception, setup and Y1-Y3 growth.  We support every stage of the journey, from inception to exit.  We build websites, products, services, front and back end systems, we handle marketing, sales, recruitment, compliance and deploy financial, accounting and admin services where needed.  We connect founders with venture and private capital options and above all we provide the competent and credible team that every founder needs behind them.

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SoPro helps businesses to identify and engage with qualified prospects.
We will fill your sales pipeline with a consistent, predictable flow of leads..

  •  Identify: We identify prospects based on your target profiles.
  •  Research: We build target lists with rich personal business and social data.
  •  Engage: We engage prospects on your behalf, generating qualified meetings, daily.

Prospects are engaged on a 1-to-1 basis with personalised, conversational introductions, designed to flow naturally into your sales pipeline.

We are reliable, budget friendly and scalable.

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The next 10 years will see rapid disruption across enterprise dominated vertical markets, in all high-cost locations.  Market share will flow swiftly and surely to a rising wave of super-competitive, agile start-ups able to leverage lean business models, using technology and responsiveness to deliver better products and better services at lower prices under globally distributed staffing models.

We provide the very best talent, at the very best rate, in a format designed to plug neatly into your business.

Employ better people, reduce cost. Be more competitive.

What We Do:

  • Marketing & Admin Ninja
  • Tech Savvy Ops Support
  • Web Design & Development

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Colour Me Social

We call it “Hands Free Social Media” because we take care of everything for you, ensuring that you have the best quality engagement and customer interactions, without the pressure of managing everything on your own or the cost and commitment of hiring a permanent resource.

We focus on the four key elements below to deliver your social media management solution:

  • Research and Optimisation
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Curation
  • Content Creation

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Innocent Digital

Innocent Digital full-feedback campaign management enables ad-campaigns to combine technology, strategy, experience and skill. Our unique systems enable campaign management like you have never seen it before, executed by real experts.

  • Reach any customer
  • Any device
  • Any Ad format
  • Any time
  • Anywhere

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